Your Green Swizzle Stick

Presentation from Garrick Schmitt – vp of experience planning at Razorfish…

“Actions speak louder than advertising,” he says. Companies that do things are beating companies that talk about things.

He quotes: “marketers have never found the internet a great place to build brands through online media.” This is true, but that’s because “traditional digital marketing is display advertising and search. I want to get away from that sort of conversation.”

What is this little green swizzle stick thingamajig? It’s called a “splash stick” and it keeps the coffee in the cup while you’re walking from Starbucks to work. You get them at Starbucks. Before the splash stick, you had to tape the hole closed or wrap napkins around the cup.

“So Starbucks’ green swizzle stick changed the customer experience,” Schmitt says. And the thing is, the company got the idea from MyStarbucksIdea – an online Starbucks suggestion box. So “this little stick is digital at the core. It has digital DNA. It’s not about banners, it’s not about search. It’s about a real impact.”

Other examples: CNN. The “Magic Map” from the election, and social media integration for the inauguration. “What do people remember? They remember the way CNN integrated Facebook Connect.”

Another example: Virgin America. “It’s a transformational experience. What really makes it transformational is putting digital at the core. It’s about ordering music, movies, TV, and when you order a drink, they bring it to you.”

Your question of the day from Schmitt: “What’s going to be your green swizzle stick thing?”