Your Favorite Fake Journos

Thanks to all who turned in entries for their favorite fake journo. Here’s some of what we got:

”Lou Grant. And check out our Website, the definitive place for the image of the journalist in popular culture – including fiction, TV, movies, comic books, graphic novels, commercials, etc. Best, Joe Saltzman, Professor of Journalism and Director, Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC), a project of the Norman Lear Center, USC Annenberg

”Who else but Carl Kolchak, the eponymous night stalker? There was a reporter who followed the story to the end, no matter how weird it got. Everyone accused him of just making stuff up, but Kolchak knew his stories were too bizarre to just make up.

”Plus, he was played by Darren McGavin, who was made of awesome.” — Tyler Dion

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”City Editor Augustus ‘Gus’ Haynes from HBO’s The Wire, hands down. Gus is the newspaperman’s newspaperman, and he won’t compromise his integrity to sell papers — managing editors and upstart reporters be damned. Lou Grant couldn’t shine Gus Haynes’s shoes.” — Kiley Lambert

”Clark Kent — He doesn’t just cover the news, he makes the news.” — Jason Yarn

”While older Brit hacks will bluster on about Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop, for a generation of now (mostly) thirtysomething journalists from the UK, it was all about a kid’s TV show called Press Gang. We all worshipped either break-the-rules ace reporter Spike Thompson (played by Dexter Fletcher) or indefatigable editrix Lynda Day (Julia Sawalha). Less Woodward and Bernstein, more Maddie and David from Moonlighting, they
were young and cool, and they were journalists.

”Now I’m one, too.” — Keith Laidlaw

”To the editor:

”Your readers might be interested to know that the character of Tom Bradford in ‘Eight if Enough’ was based on the very real journalist Tom Braden. In fact, Mr. Braden’s autobiography of the same name inspired the television series.

”Media Bistro readers might remember him in the twilight of his career as Pat Buchanan’s liberal counterpart on CNN’s original version of ‘Crossfire’ some 20 years ago.

”Best regards, Jay Akasie, The New York Sun.”

Thanks again for all submissions.