Your Blog Wants To Party All The Time


A hearty and hungover thank you to everyone who came out to Hollywood for last night’s first-ever LA design party. Cards were a-flyin’ as many a connection was made, and mac & cheese was gobbled almost as fast as beers were gulped. We had the back of swanktastic Citizen Smith pretty much to ourselves–and the place was packed. It was especially great to meet all of you.

As promised, links to a few things that were mentioned: the Design Writing for Designers class, coming up in LA on July 18; AIGA Los Angeles’ upcoming business series, Shop Talks; Dinner Party at the LA Design Center, a killer silent auction of plates customized by folks like Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, Michael Bierut, April Greiman, Tim Biskup, Paul Smith, and the list goes on;’s design courses; and finally, a reminder that both Kernspiracy and AIGA/LA do similar little gatherings around LA every month.

We’ll get another one of these set up real quick like.