Younity Introduces Remote Photo Sharing for Social Media

Remote access to any file, from any device, without planning ahead.

Have you ever wanted to share a picture with a friend or on social media only to scroll through your iPhone’s camera roll to discover that the image is on your computer back at home? If so, help is on the way! A new feature by Younity lets users access and share photos that are stored on their computers or external hard drives right from their iPads and iPhones.

Younity is a free personal cloud service that gives users complete access and control of their information from anywhere, and without storing any user data online. You can access any file, from any device, without planning ahead. There are no storage limits and users are not required to sync. And if you’re a Snapchat junkie, the feature lets you privately share photos, music, videos and other files with friends for a short period of time before they self-destruct or you un-share them.

“We’ve made the photo sharing and publishing process much better with this new layer of functionality that lets users post their remote photos onto their social media profiles,” said CEO and co-founder Erik Caso.

This new feature is especially valuable to photo enthusiasts – from moms and bloggers to professional photographers. The average person’s smartphone has several hundred photos, but the average computer has over 15,000 photos, many of which were taken with a camera. Younity now ensures you can publish and share any photo you’ve ever taken right to your favorite online service, even when it’s not on your phone.

Highlights of the new feature include:

  • Import and edit any photo via your favorite photo apps on iPhone and iPad.
  • Post any photo to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Weibo profiles via the iPhone or iPad.
  • Search all your photos across all of the devices in your Younity personal cloud.
  • Copy, Save and Print photos (and documents) directly from your iPhone and iPad.

To download Younity on iOS and install it to your desktop, head over to