Young Workers Want Flexibility, Social Media, And Impact Over Money

Young professionals would take a smaller paycheck in exchange for more access to social media at work, more flexibility in the devices they use, and more options to work remotely, a new survey from Cisco says.

In fact, more than half of the college students surveyed said that if they got a job offer from an employer that banned Facebook at work, they would either reject the offer or try to circumvent the ban.

On the other hand, Fast Company (which reported on the Cisco survey) notes, if employers are willing to allow new hires to use their own iPhones instead of company-provided Blackberries, and if they let employees access Facebook, that means they can suddenly hire plenty of fresh grads for cheap.

Another story out this week, this one from’s MonsterThinking blog, says that another thing Gen-Y workers desire is jobs where they can have an impact.

“Millennials are the product of the ‘Me Generation,’ where money and status were king among core values (think: Wall Street). As such, other core values such as service, respect, and change are often difficult to decipher, even though they are hidden way deep inside the heart of this generation…In fact, what you may not have noticed is their tendency to prefer to seek opportunities to make a difference in their communities and/or through their work,” writes career coach David Ginchansky.

In conclusion: Millennials…idealistic, easily distracted, and inexpensive?