Young Whippersnappers Still Think They Can Get Jobs

‘Scuse me while I get a stick to shake: half of college students and recent grads still think the job outlook is positive, according to Experience Inc., a career services provider for people of that age. A full three quarters of Gen Y workers believe that their education will remain as valuable as it is now or become more valuable.
And, though Experience puts this statistic as a positive: only 33% of the Gen Y workers surveyed are willing to work more hours to improve their job security.
We think we can explain the optimistic outlook stat as well. Most recent grads are going to go straight to an entry level position in a big company, assisting a sales team or answering phones. And turnover in those positions is typically higher, so there are openings all the time.
The rest of us still get to deal with doom, gloom, and no jobs, sorry.