Roseanne Barr vs. the ‘Duopolistic Fundraising Machine’

Roseanne Barr dropped by The Young Turks to chat with host Cenk Uygur about her presidential campaign. Ahead of tonight’s airing of the interview, the show has posted a teaser clip.

Barr is likely the only 2012 candidate you’ll hear talking about the domestic prison labor force being used to manufacture 90% of house paints sold in the U.S. She calls herself the “legalization candidate” and says she’s all about “common sense solutions.”

Does Barr cut a convincing figure in the above clip? For California governor, maybe, but not Commanderess-in-Chief. Still, the more candidates there are, the more issues get debated or mentioned. And that, in a constricted two-party system, is always welcome.

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