Young people stay up after 11 PM???

The Hollywood Reporter reports that TBS plans to start programming from 11 PM to 1 AM, to which we say… about frikkin’ time.

As TV networks hem and haw about the changing landscape and how to react to shrinking audiences, very few seem willing to mess with the underlying assumptions of how to schedule: Premiere everything in the fall; primetime from 8-11; local news at 11; middle-aged White guys telling jokes and interviewing celebrities from 11:30 to 1; etc.

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has had huge success, partly because it has a lot of smart subversive programming. Ditto Comedy Central with “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report.” But also, those are some of the few shows that appeal to young men on after 11 PM. But guess what? Young people stay up late.

To quote THR:

More cable networks are programming with originals in late-night as hits like Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” find traction with a young-adult audience that tends to watch outside traditional primetime hours.

Duh. Networks seem to desperate to appeal to the 18-35 demographic in their development, but they seem to have a very hard time extending that risk-taking mindset to their scheduling.