Producer Bets on Poker Reality TV Show

A few years ago, former working actor Chris Murphy (Valley Girl, The Abyss) was renting out his $7 million five-bedroom Hollywood Hills home to a young group of online poker players. He happened to mention this to producer friend Ross Elliot, who seized upon the opportunity to turn it into a reality TV show premise.

Earlier this month, Elliot posted a five-minute trailer for the prospective program and told FishbowlLA he is amazed at how quickly it has gone viral. His four young stars are 23-year-old Chris Sparks, 23-year-old Chris Jackson, 24-year-old Jarran Joshu and 27-year-old Seth Otterstad.

Elliot is partnered on the project with Idea Factory’s Darryl Silver, whose credits include Spike TV’s Half Pint Brawlers. The pair currently have their project out to the networks and are hoping to land a 13-episode run sometime in 2011. A few years ago, G4 had a similar program called Two Months Two Million.