Young Architect of the Year Award-Winner Chronicles the ‘Life of an Architect’


If you’re at all like this writer, who can’t draw a straight line or solve even the most simple of equations to save his life, you try to live vicariously through the people who can do things beyond writing snarky, barely literate blog posts. Fortunately, there are people like Bob Borson who have just made this vicarious living far easier. Borson, an architect at Bernbaum Magadini Architects in Dallas, and winner of the AIA‘s Young Architect of the Year award last year, has just recently launched a blog, “Life of an Architect,” where he chronicles just that. If you’ve ever wondered what architects do or think about all day (and not starchitects who just attend award events, receive praise from Nicolai Ourousoff, and crumple up balls of paper to make their scale models), it’s a great, well-written blog. Start here with Borson’s exciting rundown of a single one of his days and go from there.