You Won't Win Friends With "Facebook Friend Bomber"

Last night I was browsing the web and came upon a post advertising mass Facebook friend adding. I had to check it out because God knows that I want 10,000 friends on Facebook that I don’t even know. Well you are actually limited to 5,000 friends on Facebook currently but I definitely don’t want to load up on people that I have no relation to whatsoever. The software is called “Facebook Friend Adder” but for some reason the audio on the site calls it “Facebook Friend Bomber.”

Anybody that decided it would be a good idea to end a product name with “Friend Bomber” probably doesn’t deserve to make many sales. As such, I thought I would protect my readers from making the poor decision of purchasing this product. Soon enough, this application will be blocked and will no longer be functional. While increasing the number of friends you have on Facebook can be useful for promotional purposes, using this software to do so is a horrible idea.

Oh and in case you were wondering you can now purchase this product and send out “Mass Facebook Amber Alerts.” Is this person serious? This is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen. Disagree? Be sure to let me know about it in the comments!

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