You won’t need a phone to send simple texts if you wear this Smart Hoodie

smart hoodie

Smart Hoodie is a smart concept: a hoodie that automatically sends pre-written texts depending on your physical interactions. According to the video, you can tell your Mom you are in class simply by pulling up your sleeve: “Mom, I’m elbow deep in education!”

Have you ever wondered what the future of a mobile interfaces could be? What will replace the smart phone, which replaced the dumb phone and the pager and the PDA before it. A cell phone or mobile phone is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a cellular network. Modern phones have a variety of services such as text messaging, multimedia messages, email, internet, applications, photography and bluetooth.  Yet over the years we’ve yet to offer an alternative interface that wasn’t a handheld device. Improvements to the technology in the form of smart watches and google glass are enhancing the possibilities what if we pushed the envelope just a little more?

Created by graduate students, Rucha Patwardhan and Alina Balean, this demo hoddie demonstrates how easy it could be to communicate with geeky clothing. The two students from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) set out to demonstrate the possibilities as DIY cell phone technology with an Arduino and an Arduino GSM shield.

The best part about the technology is discreet communication. For example, sending an emergency signal when you’re being attacked or letting someone know you’re running late because you’re at an event. The possibilities are physical!

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