You, Too, Can Own a Little Piece of Mr. Capote


In the October issue of W, (sadly not on-line), Joanne Carson tells Kevin West about her decision to auction off Truman Capote’s personal estate. Capote died at her home in 1984, leaving his literary estate to the New York Public Library, and his household stuff to her.

Since her divorce from Johnny Carson, Joanne Carson earned a PhD and became active in the treatment of canine epilepsy, and a portion of the auction results will go to such charities.

Included are Capote’s tuxedo, worn at the 1966 Black and White Ball, a signed first edition of In Cold Blood, a panama hat and a signed MasterCard. The sale is scheduled for November 9, at Bonham’s in New York, but the auction house website has no useful information. Los Angeles is to have a viewing, but who knows? FBLA will be there with bells on, as we worship Mr. C.

If you’re longing to own something, anything that belonged to the rich and famous and just can’t wait–Steve McQueen’s gumball machine is up for grabs.