You Should Be Reading This Unemployment Tumblr Thing

A mysterious blogger on Tumblr (does that make him a Tumblr-er?) is writing daily entries about the slog of being unemployed. He (or she) has only been out of work eight days so far, which means there could be a long series of blog posts in this person’s future.

The blog post from Tuesday really gets us, though. It’s a reminder of how personally you take it when you lose your job. See, this person still follows his boss on Twitter, which is probably the most painful thing you can do to yourself (seriously, dude, unfollow!). And the boss posted this:

“Taking the office on a field trip to Dennys today. GRAND SLAMS ON THE BOSS TODAY PEOPLE!! It’s your lucky day if you work @destinyww!”

That’s gotta hurt in more ways than one, even if it WAS Free Grand Slam day.

So, put yourself in this dude’s shoes. You lost your job just a week ago. The wound’s still raw. And you see your boss is carrying on like nothing’s different.

That’s the worst, isn’t it? To realize that life goes on without you?