You Now Have at Least 2 Options For Archival Donald Trump Tweets, Video and Interviews

Everything you ever did or didn't want to read about the incoming president.

If in our very near Donald Trump administration future you find yourself needing to compare Trump’s tweets of today with his tweets of yesterday, yestermonth, yesteryear, or, if you’re looking to find video of Trump saying the exact thing he claims he never said, there is a convenient place for you to enact your searches. Two convenient places, in fact. provides a searchable-by-keyword archive of Donald Trump’s tweets, speeches and other publicly available primary sources. It is an offering from CantyMedia, a company that collects, sorts and organizes large datasets, and Trump is its test run for searches organized around politicians. The organization plans to add searchable databases for other world leaders in the future.

The second offering, Trump Archive, is video specific, and offers a database of Trump’s televised rallies, speeches and debates. It comes from the Internet Archive, a non-profit whose mission it is to archive the ultimately ephemeral internet.

Bookmark these and add to your gaslight-prevention toolkit.