You Never Get Another Chance to Make A First Impression When Heads Meet Shoulders

To be file under “really funny” and “very successful” all at once: it’s the design firm Fibre’s work on a media packet for Motorola/MTV production, “Head and Body” (some kind of film project they’re doing exclusively for phones). The book chronicles the history of headlessness, or rather, that bodies and heads evolved independently from one another, but eventually found their way. And thus, implied that you can be anywhere with your body and your cellphone can provide you with anything, anywhere. It’s a terrific bit of funny and brilliantly written, designed, and illustrated by Peter Arkle. Here’s a bit:

The designs had to dance around current events (Islamic beheadings) and Motorola’s concern about them so all axes were out and the narrative had to take a surreal air, with giant rabbits doing a turn that even Monty Python would applaud. Naturally the book was designed to complement a headless state of mind, thus it comes complete with a temporary tattoo to wear around your neck with a dotted red line and a “cut-here” scissors icon, while the red line was repeated in a stitched binding. The book was commended by Design Week and ID in their annual design awards, though Fibre hasn’t let it go to their heads.

Also make sure you check out Fibre’s equally fantastic work for an invite to Motorola’s big 20th anniversary party: the build-your-own 1984 DynaTAC mobile phone.