You, Me, and Everyone Else’s Ideas


If you’re worried that all of your design work is super contrived, please don’t worry, we already know it is. One look at the terrifically wonderful Coloibus ADmirror will instantly show you that anything you can come up with has probably already been done and in a very, very similar method to your own. But should this get you down, even as you’re having a blast, as you’re guaranteed to have on this site? Absolutely not. It’s no new thing to understand that all our thoughts swirl around in this great communal miasma of ideas, so everyone is bound to happen upon the same one at the same time as someone else.

Good case in point: I regularly read this forum,, to catch up on what’s going on in the music video world. This young guy posts a video and everyone immediately realizes that it’s just a flat out copy of Gondry’s video for The Chemical Brother’s “Star Guitar.” Yet somehow, as the kid explained (if you believe him) in the resulting comments, he swore he had never seen the video. So here you have a young man, who is interested in making music videos enough to make one, who surely must know about the most famous person in that industry, somehow missed arguably one of his greatest achievements. And I believe him! And what’s best is that once everyone else did on this forum, they encouraged him, thinking, “Hey, if this guy really did think this up all by himself, then he’s sharing ideas with one of the greats in the business.” So, hey, if you find yourself confronted with something like that, in any avenue of design, try thinking of it that way, eh?