You Feel Lucky Punk…

I can’t believe it’s my last day on the force, twenty years and I am out. The guys at the station house are throwing me a little party and I think they got me a cake. I love cake, makes the job worth it if you know what I mean.

One thing I can’t stand are stick people. I know I know, it’s not politically correct for me to call them stick people, dimensionally challenged is what those whimps are calling them these days. To me those scum will always be stick people, and I am going to blast a few of them on my last day.

Ok one thing, my dad was a cop and I heard him talk bad about stick people all the time. I also heard him talk in a 40’s detective novel noir voice all the time. He would self monologue about every day things, “stupid kid flushed is fun toy down the craper again,” puff of a smoke. “I need to move on before these kids kill me,” he would say this while I was standing there; heart breaking.

Ok, so that self monologue thing is a lie but I did find a fun game called Virtua Stick Cop on Facebook and it is killing some time (pun intended). The game is really just a port of the old stick figure games from a site that used to make stick figure movies. I used to watch stick figure fights on this sight and laugh for hours and also played as a stick figure sniper there.

The game lacks all forms of social contact and really offers no way to share you experience with anyone. All and all the game fails in the social realm on all fronts. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install the game and play it, its loads of fun (like you load a gun).

Now as long as I can make it through this day my wife and I are going to sail our boat around the world, where’s Riggs when I need him, I am getting to old for this…