You Couldn’t See This Day-Long Play Even if You Wanted To

If you’re into the history of Afghanistan since 1842 and have an entire Thursday to spare, then boy, have we got the event for you.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation is putting on “The Great Game: Afghanistan,” a three-part play, February 10th at the Shakespeare Theater. And by three parts, they essentially mean three separate plays, each as long as a full-length play.

This all probably sounds very enticing, but wait. If whether or not to attend the all-day extravaganza is something you’re actually thinking about, you can stop right now. The thing is strictly invitation only and you had to have your request in by Jan. 28. They sent this three hours ago or we would have warned you sooner. (So basically, we can go. You cannot.)

The point of this private viewing? To “prepare future military leaders and senior military for the complex issues facing Afghanistan in addition to developing cultural understanding.” And this has to be done in play format because a formal presentation would be way too tedious.

Fabulous guests like “senior British military,” “Members of the Administration,” “Members of Congress,” and Shamin Jawad, the wife of the Afghan Ambassador to the United States plan to attend.

See the all-day schedule…