You Can Work For The Guy Who Built A ‘Windows 7 Phone’ Portfolio

The resume designed by Sahas Katta, “aspiring tech evangelist,” to look like a Windows Phone 7, is totally going viral.

With good reason. The thing is pretty styling.

Looking just like a smartphone, the portfolio shows off Katta’s resume, social networks and photos, provides a way to email him, and even—thanks to some Google Voice hackery—lets you call him.

Which we couldn’t resist doing.

Katta told us that despite making this resume over the weekend, he’s not actually jobhunting.

“I have a lot of friends at UC Davis,” he said. “All my friends are graduating now and they’re all fighting for the same jobs…I kept telling them you have to do something different to stand out. I thought maybe I’d make one and show them how its done. I started this on maybe Friday night and I was done the day after.”

But while Katta might not be jobhunting, he is definitely hiring. He is expanding his site, Skattertech, which started as a personal blog but which has grown to receive 500,000 monthly hits. “We have three writers who are paid, and now they’re transitioning to full time,” he explained. Beyond that, “we are mainly hiring for people who know more than they should about technology and who can write really well.” Sound like you? Read more here (sadly, this page does not look like a smartphone).