You Can Now Do More Than Just ‘Like’ a Post on Facebook Now

Do you like this?

After many months of begging and pleading, and many more of baiting and waiting, in the words of NWA, Facebook is finally allowing you to Express Yourself.

With these new reactions, what’s not to like?

From happy to sad, wow to love, you can do more than give something like another Kanye story a thumbs up. Of course you didn’t “like” that story about your friend’s hamster found frozen in that clear ball of death beneath a couch cushion, but what else do you do? Comment? Please.

Facebook’s product manager, Sammi Krug, offered this in a statement:

We understand that this is a big change, and want to be thoughtful about rolling this out. For more than a year we have been conducting global research including focus groups and surveys to determine what types of reactions people would want to use most. We also looked at how people are already commenting on posts and the top stickers and emoticons as signals for the types of reactions people are already using to determine which reactions to offer.

So that leaves one large and obvious question, what’s not to dislike? 

That’s been the one thing Facebook users have begged for since the inception of the like. Facebook says the use of these new emojis allows your friends to know not just what you feel, but how you feel.

So… what’s your reaction?

ICYMI: They even made a how-to video. Thumbs-up or thumbs-down … eh, angry face.