You Can Now Access All Your Facebook Content From Tweetdeck

-TweetDeck Logo-Earlier this month Tweetdeck announced that they would begin integrating the full Facebook stream into their widely used desktop application. The new version of the application has now gone live and you can view your entire news feed and then implement filters which limit the content to status updates, wall posts, photos, videos, and custom groups of friends. That means your Facebook feed will now sit right next to your Twitter feed … talk about content overload!

Rather than having to log in to Facebook to find out what’s going on with your friends you can quickly filter through TweetDeck to find the most interesting content. While you can quickly become overwhelmed with all the content showing up in your stream, this is the first step in a huge shift away from destination sites. What will be more interesting to watch is how Google Wave changes this shift which is already well underway. As Jason Kolb recently wrote:

XMPP removes these intermediaries from the network. Social networks and proprietary transports no longer have an exclusive license to deliver content, the clients talk directly to one another.

While a complete digital social revolution in which we are all directly interconnected without the help of massive intermediaries (like Facebook) is questionable, there is no doubt that we are moving toward a world in which social discovery is just a fact of life. Rather than searching the web, all information we are looking for comes to us and TweetDeck is one of the services looking to make social discovery easier. To pull in your Facebook stream on to the application, go download the latest version of Tweetdeck and start digesting your stream!