You Can Count on Facebook Share

FacebookShareCounter.jpgFacebook launched a new version of Facebook Share that includes a Digg-like counter next to the button, marking the first time a counter and analytics are available for shared items on the social-networking service.

The new Facebook Share allows users to see how many times a link has been shared, as well as the number of comments and Likes received and the number of times people have clicked on the link back to their sites.

Mark Kinsey, a product manager on Facebook’s platform team, wrote on the Facebook Developers Blog:

Each week, users share more than 2 billion pieces of content on Facebook, and most of that sharing is facilitated by Facebook Share buttons across the Web, on Websites like YouTube, The Wall Street Journal and Photobucket. With just a few lines of code, Facebook Share is the simplest Facebook Connect feature you can add to a Website. Today we’re making the sharing experience on Facebook and off even richer by launching the next version of Facebook Share, with a live counter, as well as new ways to measure how content is being shared on Facebook.

We’re also providing you with the tools to better measure your results on Facebook by opening up the analytics associated with sharing habits on Facebook.

With new Share analytics, you can now access the information associated with each link shared on Facebook, including how often: users share the link on Facebook; users “like” the shared story; users comment on the shared story on Facebook; and users click back to your site from the story.

And Kinsey wrote on the Facebook Blog:

Three years ago, we launched Facebook Share to make it easy to instantly share content back to Facebook with just a couple clicks of a mouse. From news articles to photos and videos, people now share more than 2 billion pieces of content on Facebook each week, many of which are through Facebook Share. Beginning today, we’re making that experience richer by keeping count of the popularity of what people are sharing.

You now will begin seeing a new version of the Facebook Share button that includes a live counter, which shows the number of times that a particular article, video or piece of content has been shared.

Start conversations with your friends in just a few clicks whenever you see a Facebook Share button, and see their reactions through comments in your News Feed. The Share button enables you to take content from across the Web and share it with your friends on Facebook, where it can be reshared over and over so the best and most interesting items get noticed by the people you care about.