You can buy a gold-plated iPhone engraved with Vladimir Putin’s face for $4,300


Valdimir Putin is getting the same distinction as Steve Jobs, Muhammad Ali, and Leonardo da Vinci from Caviar, an Italian luxury brand that recently designed a special gold-plated iPhone in honor of the Russian president.

According to Caviar, “President Vladimir Putin has become a symbol of a new generation, strong-willed and a decisive leader… Caviar jewelers chose him as among the most important figures of our time.” As noted by Caviar, Putin was named Person of the Year by The Times International.

After annexing Crimea, Putin’s approval rating skyrocketed, and Caviar thinks that a gold-plated phone with the president’s image is “the best way to express patriotism.” The iPhone is a 5S model with an 18-karat gold exterior. The hand engraving depicts the presidential bust along with the Russian coat of arms and the first lines of the Russian national anthem.

If last year’s gold iPhone sales are any indication, there’s definitely a market for gold iPhones. At least this one is actually gold?

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