You Can Be a Writer Too Goddammit

This just in from Chris Hayes, resident “I’m a Writer Goddammit” at The Nation.

“SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Details on the sixth annual @Nation Student Writing Contest are here! Two $1,000 prizes!”

Students will answer this question: What do you think is the most serious issue facing your generation?

The Fine Print…Essays can’t exceed 800 words; Two winners – one high school, one college, will each win $1,000. Five finalists will win $200 each. Winning essays will be “published and/or excerpted” in the magazine and website. And best of all, all winners and finalists get a subscription to The Nation. Entries are being accepted between May 15th and June 30th, 2011. A winner will be announced by September 24, 2011. If you were ever a Nation intern or a previous winner, you can’t participate.

Submissions should be emailed here.

More info here.

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