You Asked, We (Got Someone To) Answer: Recruiter Victoria James Answers Your Burning Questions

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On Friday, we sat in on a webinar called “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Working with Recruiters* (*and now get a chance to ask!)” You suggested questions to ask recruiter Victoria James and like dutiful messengers are now reporting her answers. (Online Journalism: We sit in on meetings so you don’t have to. Just kidding; we were happy to do it. Really.)

Commenter Calisunshine asked:
“My background is varied with a number of years spent writing, many in sales and a few in production. I’m thinking of going back into sales and wonder if it would it be advisable for me to use a functional resume? They used to be frowned on.”
James: I don’t get functional resumes. I don’t really understand them— I have no context. You tell me you did all these things and then at the bottom you list ABC company from 09 to 10, so I don’t know where you did these things in your career path.

I have never submitted a functional resume to a client company, ever. Nor would I suggest to a client they create one. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of recruiters and companies that appreciate them.

Going into sales is interesting, as long as you’re willing to take a low salary you have a great shot. The company is not taking a great risk in hiring you, as all of [your compensation] is in commission. Low salary, big upside. So if you win, so does the company, but the company’s risk at the beginning of the relationship is minimized.

Lost_in_AZ asked: “53 years old. On my resume: do I ‘forget’ to include the date I received my BA or leave it in?”
James said: You can leave it off. It’s not like people won’t be able to vet how old you are from your job experience, though you can drop some of it. Your older experience is less relevant to who you are. [Leaving off your graduation date] may shave a few years off to those companies who may be more sensitive to age.

Another, non MJD reader asked a great question that we have to throw in: What’s your prediction for the job market in 2010?
“I’m seeing glimmers of movement,” James responded. “It hasn’t started to be a full fast walk, let alone a run. But I’m much more optimistic now than I was 6 months ago.”

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