Show Off Your Knowledge: Answer Random People’s Questions On Twitter

Have the itch to be annoyingly helpful today? Well now you can! There’s a new app making the rounds that lets you answer random Twitter questions – so you can show off all that knowledge in your noggin.

You Asked It! is a simple little Twitter app that shows you a question from a random Twitter user and gives you 30 seconds to respond to it.

The questions are pulled from Twitter in near real-time, which means that if you send an answer there’s a good chance that the person who asked the question will see it and maybe even thank you right away.

You can filter the questions You Asked It! shows you by including a keyword or hashtag that the question must contain – so if you’re ultra passionate about baseball, salads or the foxtrot, you can stick to answering just those specific questions about your favorite topic.

The answer will be sent from your Twitter account, but you get to approve or modify it before it’s sent.

This could definitely be used purely as a novelty app, but there’s some merit in here for people looking to build a targeted following, too. Since you’re able to specify the topic of the questions, you could spend some time answering questions related to your business or main interests. There’s a good chance you’ll get some new followers this way, if you’re able to offer valuable information to the asker.

(Hat tip: AppNewser; nerdy girl image via Shutterstock)