Yogile: The Quickest way to Make a Group Photo Album on the Web

In the days following a huge concert, a wedding, or a birthday party, you might try messaging and emailing your friends to get copies of the photos so you can store them or share them with others. Telling someone to put up photos on Facebook of Flickr is easy – but creating an album, uploading all the pictures, sorting, tagging… this can be a daunting and time-consuming process for even the most social media savvy. And this is where Yogile hopes to make its mark: by creating a stripped-down, ultra-simple method for creating group photo albums online.

Yogile offers a way for all of the different angles of an event like a wedding to be compiled into a single online photo album requiring as little effort as possible. The person initiating the photo gathering creates a username, a password, and an optional password for the album. They can then upload photos directly to the album through email, SMS, or on Yogile’s website using a photo uploader. Each album has a unique name, and that can be shared with others who might want to contribute.

Aside from the person who created the album, no one has to sign up with a username or password. They simply send the pictures via email or SMS to the email address name_of_album@yogile.com, or upload them at the website of the album (yogile.com/name_of_album).
The service that Yogile provildes is useful to anyone who wants to gather all of the photos of a single event into one place. The fact that very few steps need to be taken, and almost no steps for those contributing to the album, is the stand-out feature of Yogile. In the over-abundance of information, log-ins, passwords and scattered interests online, the fact that next to nothing needs to be done to create and contribute to a photo album will no doubt appeal to the majority of web surfers.