Yodo1 Launches Rooms of Doom on Mobile

The endless game asks players to help Doctor Doom's minions survive rooms filled with traps.

Yodo1 announced the release of Rooms of Doom on mobile. The endless game asks players to help Doctor Doom’s minions survive rooms filled with traps.

In each game of Rooms of Doom, players make their way through a variety of rooms, which each have a different challenge to face. For instance, one room may ask players to shoot their minions between barrels, while another asks users to tap to help their minions fly and avoid obstacles.

Users can collect currency as they play, which can be spent on new playable characters. Some characters may have special abilities, and they may also provide score boosts for future games. As minions are used in games, they’ll need to rest before they can be used again. Users also have the option to use items to help minions recover instantly.

As users complete games over time, they’ll unlock additional rooms that will appear in future games. During each game, rooms appear in a random order, but users have the option to choose the first room that will appear in each game.

Finally, users can complete missions to earn bonus coins. One mission may ask players to collect a required number of coins, while another may ask users to collect every coin in a specific room, as examples.

Rooms of Doom is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.