Yodo1 announces global publishing division for mobile developers


Mobile games publisher Yodo1 has today announced a new division for publishing games on the global market, in addition to continuing to publish Western games in China. Yodo1 will publish games across iOS and Android on both Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The company’s publishing expansion is led by Cavemania, a puzzle action game from Dallas-based studio BonusXP, which is set to launch this September.

Yodo1 will continue to partner with game makers as co-developers, helping studios optimize their games’ monetization streams, share in programming and other resources, as well as handling the app store submission process and marketing of the games prior to and after release.

[contextly_sidebar id=”59a0326de193e6a937eeb679c6994121″]Co-founder of game rental company Gamefly, Jung Suh will lead Yodo1’s global publishing efforts.

This announcement comes as Yodo1 has passed the 50 million active users mark in China across its many games, only a year after launching its first publishing platform. The company is responsible for multiple hits in China, including Chinese versions of Zeptolab’s Cut the Rope: Time Travel and Defiant Development’s Ski Safari.

“We’ve learned a lot about the China market to reach 50 million players in less than a year,” says Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong, via a company release. “With a user growth run rate of over 10 million new players per month, we’re eager to apply our knowledge and platform on a global level.”

Yodo1’s publishing announcement is accompanied by the company’s Kryptanium “Games-as-a-Service” platform. The program allows developers to track and manage their player bases through discussion boards, screenshot sharing features, cross-promotions and more, all within an in-game experience. The “social network” of sorts is currently in closed beta, as Yodo1 continues to work to help developers increase user engagement across their games.

In addition to Cavemania, Yodo1 has also confirmed to be working on a multi-touch physics combat game, a player-vs-player tower defense hybrid and a multi-touch hardcore arcade shooter. Specific details on each game will be announced in the coming weeks.