Yo, Ad-ri-an!

My. God.

Schwarzenegger is governor of California. And now, Sly Stallone is back for another “Rocky.” And to think I just threw out a box of thin, leather ties!

Sure, Stallone’s NBC show “The Contender” proved that more Americans would rather be drowned in a flaming Jacuzzi of grain alcohol than willingly watch boxing – but so what?

Who wouldn’t want to see a 60 year old man “lured out of a long retirement to fight a championship bout while dealing with personal tragedy outside the ring?”

Perversely, I cannot.


I am especially excited, because if MGM actually puts this coprolite into production, we’re going to see a renaissance for comedy. Think Phyllis Diller starring in “In Her (Orthopedic) Shoes.” Or Carol Channing in “Meet the Great Grandparents.” The mind rebels at the potential for geriatric hilarity.

Amazingly enough, “Rocky Balboa” is being produced by MGM, Columbia Pictures, and Revolution Studios – presumably so that there will be enough executives to spread the blame around.