Yik Yak Announces Photo Feature for Posts

Yik Yak makes its first step toward becoming a visual network with the promise of more to come.

The anonymous social network Yik Yak announced yesterday that users can now incorporate photos into their posts. This is perhaps one of the biggest changes to the network since raising more than $10 million in funding last summer. It is also Yik Yak’s first step toward becoming a more visual platform.

According to the official blog post, various communities have been part of the testing phase for photos. Yik Yak credits these communities with providing valuable feedback for how photos will be used and ideas for future development of the new feature. And as many networks have demonstrated, Yik Yak is another example of how visual content makes for deeper social engagement.

YikYak discussed the new feature in a blog post:

We’ve loved seeing all of the fun photos that make your herds unique. From showcasing the prime loot to be found at your local yard sale, to sharing the view of campus from your dorm window, to the yakker who used a pic to help locate the owner of a lost dog, it’s clear that photos can be a wonderful part of yakking about the world around you. And we want all of you to have the chance to visually share what’s going on nearby.


As part of an effort to combat spam, phone verification will be required and while the folks at Yik Yak encourage sharing, photos will be moderated before appearing in user feeds. In addition to being moderated, Yik Yak also laid out some guidelines for how photos can be used:

No inappropriate photos (anything you wouldn’t send to your mother), illegal content, or faces will be allowed in local feeds.

Photos will roll out across all Yik Yak communities over the next few days and the company also promised that there will be more photo features coming in the near future.