Yet More Quiz Creators Appear on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by MAU

Since Facebook made a mid-June change that suddenly started counting traffic to user-generated quizzes towards the total of the apps that spawned them, we’ve seen a steady stream of huge quiz creator apps suddenly popping up. One leads today’s list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users: Create your Quiz, which registers just under 11 million MAU all told.

Here’s the full AppData list of 20 apps:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Create your Quiz 13,431,689 +7,063,342 +110.91
2. FrontierVille 15,726,188 +3,910,161 +33.09
3. Verdonia 2,812,164 +1,358,591 +93.47
4. Millionaire City 2,349,821 +1,306,174 +125.15
5. EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars 3,978,930 +1,201,490 +43.26
6. Phrases 19,318,736 +1,061,573 +5.81
7. Best Match 1,057,205 +904,215 +591.03
8. Entrevista tus Amigos 11,879,199 +885,736 +8.06
9. Baking Life 2,656,159 +733,068 +38.12
10. 2010 World Cup Jersey 10,026,709 +712,138 +7.65
11. Hello City 5,614,096 +693,237 +14.09
12. Chase Community Giving 1,204,322 +575,764 +91.60
13. Trivias Locas – Trivias, encuestas y tests 1,042,393 +538,953 +107.05
14. Zoo Kingdom 1,214,693 +529,997 +77.41
15. Fashion World 1,615,326 +520,763 +47.58
16. Windows Live Messenger 2,242,073 +495,508 +28.37
17. Seni Kimler Takip Ediyor? 459,822 +441,572 +2,419.57
18. SuperFun Town! 429,183 +409,784 +2,112.40
19. Zoosk 4,678,982 +403,612 +9.44
20. BandPage by RootMusic 2,280,182 +397,685 +21.13

What’s interesting here is that if you look down to number six, you’ll find an absolutely massive app that you’ve probably never heard of before: Phrases. This app fits the quiz creator mold, allowing users to spin off their own phrase- and quote-generating apps. Since it was entered into AppData for the first time a couple weeks back, this is also the first time we’ve realized its size: at 19.1 million MAU, it’s the sixth-biggest app on Facebook. The only other non-game app to come in higher is Friend Quiz, at number three.

Speaking of games, FrontierVille holds the top spot for that category. As we mention this morning over on Inside Social Games, FrontierVille appears to be doing quite well, but is actually growing only half as fast as Zynga’s previous hit, Treasure Isle. Head over to our sister blog for more games coverage.

Best Match, at number seven, is a fast-growing app that is, in its own turn, a variation on another quiz concept, the friend quiz. While an ordinary friend quiz asks users questions about their friends and posts the results to the other’s wall, Best Match just asks you to make romantic matches. The viral component is the same, though.

And at number ten, 2010 World Cup Jersey is still growing — something of a surprise, since the high-flying app looked ready to fall from its peak. However, the World Cup is ongoing for another week, so there’s at least some reason for the app’s continued gains.