Yet More Alt-Weekly Employees Arrested

1022orlando.jpgWhat the hell is it lately with alt-weekly staffers getting arrested? First there was the Phoenix New Times/Sheriff Arpaio battle royale… and now there’s something new, out of Florida (of course).

Three Orlando Weekly ad reps were arrested… for taking ads from “erotic masseuses” or whatever euphemism you want to use. You know, the same thing that every other alt-weekly in the country does. From Orlando’s WFTV:

Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation hope it puts an end to what they call full service prostitution. They call the newspaper the only vehicle to sell illegal escort services.
Just before 1:00pm Friday, MBI agents led three Orlando Weekly employees in handcuffs from a downtown hotel where they were holding a job fair. MBI agents spent the last two years posing as prostitutes looking to place ads in the newspaper. The indictment filed Friday alleges those ads were accepted. “We can say, without a doubt, the advertisement staff, the ones who take the money in for the advertisements, had knowledge the ads were being placed by supposed prostitutes. No doubt,” said Cmdr. Paul Zambouros, MBI. […] Director of classified advertising Jarrell Martin, 43, is charged with making money from the proceeding of prostitution. Account executives Katherine Miller and Christopher Whiting face similar charges.

Judging from the wince-inducing video footage of Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation higher-ups, it’s pretty obvious this is a bit of political grandstanding to score easy points with social conservatives. Or maybe it’s the fact that the Orlando Weekly has published more than their share of stories about the MBI. Apparently, the MBI really doesn’t like bukkake.

So is it too late to give Florida back to the Spanish?

(Image via WFTV)