(Yet) Another Newspaper

After the November elections, you can expect to see another newspaper around town (or at least around Capitol Hill): The Capitol Leader.

The Capitol Hill newspaper will join Roll Call and The Hill Newspaper and is financed by local media mogul Joseph L. Albritton, who owns Channel 7/WJLA (as in W Joseph L. Albritton) and NewsChannel 8. Albritton’s son will run the newspaper. Albritton is also a one-time owner of The Washington Star.

The initial plan is to publish once a week and, if things go well, move to twice a week after a year and maybe even three times a week eventually.

The paper is currently hiring reporters and production/advertising staff. They’re also looking for a top editor. Marty Tolchin (former publisher and editor-in-chief of The Hill Newspaper) is the chief talent scout. Not only will Capitol Leader have Albritton’s big bucks behind it, but potentially the deep pockets of others (unknown at this point) as well.

Although many may wonder if there’s really room for a third Capitol Hill newspaper, Capitol Leader believes that there’s an almost infinite market for advertisers eager to get their ads before members of Congress. Part of the initial question will concern whether Capitol Leader will hurt Roll Call or The Hill and, if so, which paper will get hurt the most? Or will the effect be minimal?

Capitol Leader will benefit from Albritton’s control of Channel 7, as reporters will be expected to not only produce for print, but also provide reports for and make appearances on the television station as well.

Could this be where Lloyd Grove lands if he returns to D.C.?