Yesterday’s 2666 Post: A Response to Readers

First an apology: I should not have encouraged readers to download a pirated book in yesterday‘s “Free eBook of the Day” post. I was trying to be funny, but it was bad journalism. eBookNewser will continue to report on piracy–it’s news, and publishers need to pay attention–but we won’t link to particular books in the future.

Bolano’s 2666 does raise an interesting issue, however: none of Bolano’s books are available right now as eBooks. My sense of the reason for this is that the Wiley agency, which handles the rights to Bolano’s books, is holding on to those rights for the time being. But, as one reader asked on Twitter, if there is no legitimate edition of an eBook, is it justifiable to turn to a pirated edition?

Of course, it’s not as simple as that, and one can simply read the print book. But yesterday’s post only arose in response to the fact that there’s no 2666 eBook out there. As they’re worrying about piracy, publishers should make sure that they have a comparable, and affordable, product in the marketplace to compete with illegal eBooks.

And please forgive my screw up. I’ve taken the link down.