Yes, the Whole Web Will be Social

In a few months, the concept of most socializing on the web taking place within social networks will seem passé. Most people in the industry have come to accept that socializing is something that will take place everywhere on the web. How that is going to happen exactly is a whole other question. Some believe that we will become more social via a browser plugin, others are supporters of the new platform extensions like Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect.

However we get there isn’t as significant and knowing that it will eventually happen. One company which strives to make the whole web more social is RocketOn, which I was introduced to via a Techcrunch article this morning. The company provides users with mini avatars which they can use to interact with other users as they navigate the web.

As you interact with other people on the web, you can also invite them to games provided by RocketOn. Talk about a reduction in productivity! Based on the video below, the tool practically renders most sites useless. It looks really cool but imagine trying to read something while avatars are marching around and trying to talk to you.

So while this appears to be a pretty cool way to have fun on the web and interact with other people, I’m not so sure that this will be the primary way to socialize the web. Then again, on the web it’s not about who’s socializing, it’s about how you socialize so perhaps some people will prefer interaction via virtual avatars. How do you see “social” becoming part of the general web or do you think the web has already been “socialized”?