Yes, Millionaires Also Use Social Media

If there could be one habit that wealthy people have in common with the rest of us it could be the use of social media, according to a recent survey of millionaires conducted by Fidelity Investments. 85% of the respondents stated that they use text-messaging, smart phones and social media. Naturally this isn’t a surprise to anyone.

Wall Street Journal considers these findings to be a proof that the enduring myth about rich people being obsessed with privacy isnt true after all.

The most important finding of the survey is the fact that one third of the respondents stated that they use social media “professionally”, with as many as 28% using LinkedIn. This clearly tells us that the rich are using social media in the same way as the rest of us, i.e. to connect to others. Although in their case, the primary objective is to grow and expand upon their existing business network.