Yes, iPhone Non-recurring Alarms Were Broken Over the New Year Weekend

iPhone iOS 4.x users had a bit of a problem over the first weekend of the new year: Non-repeating alarms did not work!

New Year’s 2011 breaks non-recurring iPhone alarm clocks (update: auto-fixes) (9to5mac)

Non-repeating alarms should be working for you as of today (Jan. 3). But, if you had to work over the weekend and depended on your iPhone alarm, you might have had a bit of trouble. Like many people, I use my iPhone as an alarm clock. So, I can imagine the problems this issue caused over the weekend.

Engadget contacted Apple and confirmed that alarms should be working again starting today (Jan. 3).

PSA: iPhone alarms not working come New Year’s Day 2011 (Engadget)