Yes, Finally! An App Store for Windows 7! Say What? Yep, for Netbooks

Hey, here’s the “app store” you all have been waiting for! Yep, we finally have an app store for Windows XP and WIndows 7. Um, huh? What? OK, don’t worry. Microsoft hasn’t lost their marbles. This app store comes courtesy of Intel and targets the netbook crowd…

Intel AppUp Center (beta)

This may seem odd since netbooks running Windows 7, generally speaking, run any software written for Windows given the constraints placed by having 1GB RAM (usually) and a slow graphics processor. But, Intel seems to think otherwise. Their app store requires downloading software that runs on Windows XP or Windows 7 (or, presumbly, if are the odd duck running Windows Vista – but why???). I’m planning to take a closer look at the AppUp Center beta this weekend. Check back in with me next week to learn what I found.