Yelp now offers food delivery to keep users in the app

The latest version of mobile review app Yelp has introduced a mobile delivery option, giving users the chance to not only look at menus at local restaurants, but also purchase items for delivery without leaving the app.

While only available in limited markets, and with participating delivery services, the Yelp order process will ensure that customers never leave the app, as the application takes care of the entire ordering and payment processing experience.

“The idea is that there are all these consumers shopping on the site, and Yelp Platform allows them to take that next step — to transact,” said founder Jeremy Stoppelman, speaking with VentureBeat. “The Yelp experience is all about going to local businesses. As you switch between different services, you as the consumer will have a one-stop shop.”

Yelp’s delivery service will start in San Francisco and New York City via partnerships with food-delivery services Eat24 and It will support 100 businesses at first, but will enter new markets as new partnerships become available.

While food delivery is the main focus for now, VentureBeat reports that spa, yoga, salon and dental appointments will also be offered soon.

Yelp previously partnered with OpenTable, a mobile reservation service that allows users to book restaurant reservations online without contacting the restaurants directly. This too allows users to book reservations at participating restaurants without ever leaving the Yelp app.

Yelp was founded in 2004 as a way for consumers to share their opinions about restaurants, hotels and other businesses, based on location. The site / application includes social networking features, like the ability to compliment other users’ content, rate reviews, and send messages.

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