Yelp – Local Businesses Reviews for Real People

Yelp is great website that offers people to read and write reviews of great places to visit or useful services at current location. At the moment they have reviews written by people in such categories: Restaurants, Shopping, Night Life, Arts & Entertainment, Hotels & Travel etc. It is really great website to read about places before visiting the city or to find where to take the girl for dinner.


Yelp is also following all the Web2.0 tendencies and have included social networking features like adding friends etc., which is important for site like this, because I will better trust my friend reviews not strangers. Usability of Yelp is also very cool and easy, there are no problems with finding information. Reviews have also rating which shows how good the current place is and of course the exact location you can see at Google Maps.

Actually yelp have only one minus and it is that Yelp have covered only biggest USA cities, but what about Europa? Does somebody know similar site in Europa where I can find local reviews? Anyone?

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