Zagat NYC and the Rest of the Service is Now Free

Can Internet behemoth Yelp be dinged? Google certainly hopes so.

After purchasing restaurant review service Zagat in 2011, the company has unveiled a redesigned website and mobile Apps. The biggest difference is there is no longer a paid login required. Zagat is now za-free. From tech writer Heather Kelly’s report:

The new Zagat has four categories of content. There are listings for individual places that bear the familiar one-paragraph summary and ratings for food, decor, service and an average cost. There is also original content put together by local editors in the form of lists, blog posts (called “Buzz”) and videos.

The revamped Zagat site and Apps only cover restaurants and nightlife in nine cities to start, but Google says it will add 50 locations in the coming months. It also plans to add in results for other types of destinations, including stores, hotels and places of interest.

Somewhat strangely, Google still has its own Google+ derived ratings system that pops up in as part of its search results. The Zagat rating system uses a scale of one to 30. Check out Zagat NYC here.