Yellin’ Into The Wind

ABC’s White House correspondent, Jessica Yellin, was this week’s Friday Feature in the Hotline. The former MSNBC overnight anchor dished that growing up in L.A. was a cross between “The OC” and “Six Feet Under”–“the crazy family part, not the dead part.”

After beginning her illustrious career making cappuccinos for tired shoppers at an over-priced Santa Monica boutique, she went on to journalism for a cable channel in Orlando, where she had to shoot her own stand-ups. Her most embarrassing on-the-job moment there? “My first day, I came back to the station to discover the stand up I’d shot was an extreme close-up of my chest and my hand gripping the microphone. The next day I corrected the mistake by loosening the shot — it was so wide all you could see was a speck against the trees and hear a disembodied voice.”

If she could interview one person, she’d interview Eve (think Adam) to get her side of the story. It sounds like there’s a chick lit novel in there somewhere.

Her favorite vacation spots are Yosemite and Sardinia, and her favorite book is Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” “because she describes the feeling in the air before a Santa Ana wind perfectly.

Oh, and lastly? Ms. Yellin’s last meal would be Mexican corn tamales, tortilla chips, cereal, and really, really rich chocolate souffle. Definitely part of a complete breakfast if there ever was one.

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