Yellin Discusses HRC / Journo Press Relations

Some highlights from yesterday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN:

    KURTZ: Jessica Yellin, you are in Texas. Hillary Clinton jetted off to New York last night to make a cameo appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” Did you know about that?

    JESSICA YELLIN, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, we had an early heads-up, but not because the Clinton campaign told us. They don’t really like to tell us much of anything.

    I’m going to be the odd man out here, Howie, and say that I do think the press has been tougher on Senator Clinton, and I think there are a lot of reasons for it. And most of them — or many, I should say, lie with the face that she has had this adversarial relationship with the press for so many years, she is a well-known quantity. So, telling her story isn’t as interesting and fresh and new as telling the brand-new story of Barack Obama.

    So, naturally, he’s going to get that nicer coverage to begin with, while, you know, critiquing her will is going to be the more interesting, informative story at the beginning. Over time it’s evened out a bit, and I think to the extent she’s still getting negative coverage, it has to do with the fact that she has these abysmal relations with the press. It’s a combative, aggressive relationship. You compare it to the way the Obama people relate to the press, much more engaged, pleasant, even easier to deal with, and you’re going to end up with, frankly, different kinds of coverage. …

    YELLIN: … in response to what Mark Halperin said. I’m not justifying that the press is being biased against Clinton because of our different — because the campaigns treat us differently. I’m saying it’s a natural and cause and effect, and it’s partly the Clinton campaign’s fault for treating the press so poorly that they’re getting different kind of coverage.