Yearbook, Static FBML and RockYou Make This Week’s List of Top Gainers by Daily Average Users

This week’s AppData list of top gaining apps, measured by most new daily active users (DAU), has quite a few new appearances — not as many as we counted in our stats roundup over at sister site Inside Social Games, but still more than average.

It’s also another week where games have represented at least half of the list — in this case, exactly half, as well as holding four of the top five. Have you thought of building a game lately?

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon FarmVille28,417,879+936,658+3.30
2.icon Mafia Wars6,631,394+562,689+8.49
3.icon Yearbook465,482+288,444+61.97
4.icon Gangster City158,236+158,093+99.91
5.icon Little Warrior190,999+150,020+78.54
6.icon Birthday Cards2,432,037+144,741+5.95
7.icon Static FBML678,938+142,631+21.01
8.icon Happy Island2,823,708+134,818+4.77
9.icon Nicest Person Contest181,947+119,457+65.65
10.icon PetVille4,694,108+114,709+2.44
11.icon Mobile6,435,729+98,239+1.53
12.icon My Town386,033+92,975+24.08
13.icon Calendario de Amigos223,727+90,374+40.39
14.icon 開心寶貝325,873+83,673+25.68
15.icon Texas HoldEm Poker5,634,183+78,186+1.39
16.icon UNO™284,511+64,368+22.62
17.icon RockYou Live266,859+62,287+23.34
18.icon Bumper Sticker543,411+40,334+7.42
19.icon Garden World301,909+39,981+13.24
20.icon Photos I Love!95,285+37,729+39.60

As always, an app’s presence on this list doesn’t mean that it has definitely gained the number of daily users listed; any player who swings by for a single try will be briefly listed as a DAU gain.

Because the gains are a bit smaller this week than last, that effect is more pronounced than usual. Take the first non-game app listed for example:  Yearbook. With over four million players, its increase of 288,000 daily users could just be a wobble in its traffic.

But there are a few that still deserve attention. Birthday Cards, the next non-game app, is decelerating from the blazing growth streak that put it on top of last week’s list. It’s followed by Static FBML, a developer app used to put HTML or Facebook markup on Pages.

Looking down, the friend quiz Nicest Person Contest is actually another app that has been trending down for weeks, but has made a slight rally. Most of the apps further down would also seem to fit this definition, but don’t miss RockYou Live — its MAU is steady but DAU is up, suggesting that existing users are becoming more engaged with the app.

That could be because RockYou is tying together all its major apps, including Birthday Cards and Zoo World, making them accessible from within on another. In general, the strategy appears to be working; besides a dip in the past day, RockYou’s DAU across all apps is trending upward fairly strongly, as seen below.