Year in Reviews

Over at Folio magazine, I give my media predictions for 2009:

    NAME: Patrick W. Gavin
    2009 PREDICTION(S): I predict that the Obama administration will prove more frustrating to journalists than the Bush administration. I predict that Jake Tapper will work very hard to move past his poetry writing days. Ana Marie Cox will have four different jobs. Howard Kurtz still won’t ask me to appear on “Reliable Sources.” The new and improved “Meet” host will stop dancing on the “Today” show. Barack Obama and Fox News will share an oddly friendly relationship. Glenn Reynolds traffic will increase by 30 percent. Matt Drudge will link to Politico articles 5,142 times. And the Washington Post will continue to try their hardest.

At the Hotline, I give my New Years resolutions:

    Washington Examiner’s Patrick Gavin: “I’d like to be able to touch my toes without bending my knees. I’d like to convince my girlfriend of the merits of ginormous flat screen TVs. I’d like to get my toilet to stop running. I’d like to crack an egg with one hand. I’d like to schedule recurring haircuts exactly every four weeks. I’d like to start wearing robes more often.”

(Loads more journos give their resolutions there…)

And First Friday has its own “year end” contest going on

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