Year In Review: MediaJobsDaily’s Most Popular Posts Of 2010

With just a few days before 2011 hits us, we thought we’d collect the most popular posts on MediaJobsDaily from the past year and present them again here for your reading pleasure.

In order, the ten most popular posts were:

  1. Now *This* Is A Cover Letter. This is the letter a young Hunter S. Thompson sent to a newspaper editor in hopes of getting a job. Did it work? Hell no.
  2. 25 Places To Look For Work. Okay, this was posted two days before 2010 began, but it’s still a great list of resources for media folk to look for gigs, jobs, cashola-earning-opportunities, you name it.
  3. For a Former Atlantic Intern, Payback is More Than Just Personal. An Atlantic intern who learned that she’d be paid retroactively for her time at the magazine waxes on what the pay means.
  4.’s First Ever Media Jobs Report. When HQ analyzed its own job board, it came up with a list of trends for the 2009 market. How will the 2010 market have fared in retrospect? How will it inform 2011?
  5. Laid Off? Prepare For Your Kids To Turn Into Assholes, Says ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Expert. In which we rant about selfish teens and how they have no right to intrude on your own self-loathing, of which you already, surely, have plenty.
  6. Pac-Man Google Doodle Cost $120m In Lost Productivity. Some (somewhat silly) numbers related to the first-ever playable Google Doodle.
  7. The Worst Intern Ever. Sigh…kids these days.
  8. Women’s Networking Style Isn’t Helping Them Get Ahead, Study Finds. Another reason why women lag behind men at work—they’re networking differently (and apparently less successfully) than men.
  9. The Editor Is Dead. Long Live The Editor Content Producer. A post from CEO Rufus Griscom on what the media world looks for in an “editor.”
  10. Another Reason You Can’t Get A Reference On LinkedIn. One word: lawyers. It used to be, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Now it’s “Don’t say anything at all.”

Well, that’s it–that’s 2010 in a nutshell. What will 2011 bring? We’ll be asking for your predictions in an upcoming post, but if you want to get a jump on the Nostradamusing, feel free to comment or send an e-mail.