Year In Review: Media Job Growth Throughout 2010

Well, we ran the numbers on some of media’s biggest job boards and came up with two words for you: Weeeee’re back!

The average daily number of jobs available on’s job board grew from about 600 at the very beginning of the year to over 1,000 now. saw growth from about 600 jobs in March to 800 jobs now, with a peak nearing 1,000 earlier this year.

We’ve got the numbers after the jump.

From January 2010 to now, the number of jobs on grew impressively.

From February (when we began keeping tabs on til now, jobs at that site grew by about 300 percent. finished off the year at roughly the same number of jobs it had in March, when we started tracking. Not a fair year-over-year comparison, of course.

And PRSA, which we began keeping track of in July, finished the year at about 2200 jobs, or almost the same number of jobs the site had in July.

We’re optimistic for a great media 2011, at least as far as job postings go. All these boards are going strong, either with consistent numbers of postings or actual growth, and either way, that should give jobseekers reasons to hope.