Yeah, Baby! Swinging Sixties Here We Come!

paperdresses.jpg paperdresses2.jpg

Before you went on believing we fell off the edge of the earth (actually, we thought we did one night, but it was just a few too many pints), we decided to send a few postcards from Europe. One highlight was a stop at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a double header of 1960’s love: Sixties Fashion and Sixties Graphics. Peering at the breathtaking array of dresses from the likes of Mary Quant, John Kloss and Ossie Clark was like strolling down old Carnaby Street, but most fascinating were the collection of paper dresses (above). These were created at first as promotional pieces, but soon made their way onto It Girls everywhere due to their extreme affordability and ease of modification (scissors=miniskirt). True disposable fashion, way before H&M.

As always, V&A has a comprehensive collection of images and information from the exhibition online. Do not miss the movie “In Gear” a documentary which will send you digging in your closet for your purple lace-up boots (perhaps in suede) and a pair of yellow tights.

pinkclouds.jpg greypants.jpg lightbulbs.jpg